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Travel Diary & New York City

Words by Jeremy Bull
The entrance to a New York City townhouse

April 2023 New York City, USA

I have memories of my grandparents' house in Sydney's Mosman. The house was reached by quite a tiny path that descended between sandstone garden beds. You knew you were arriving as we moved into single file to fit within the tight dimension of the stairs. It even changed smell as you moved lower and the sandstone lichen held more of the air. I have always wanted to create a descending tunnel for this reason. This townhouse reminds me of the ceremony of going down, it feels very important to me, but I resisted going any further.

An empty hospitality venue on Bowery St, New York City

I loved eating at this venue on Bowery, but it has long since been closed and remains empty. It was built only ten years ago and had a lovely vintage to its many forged finishes, a falseness in its age which felt suitably theatrical. Now it really does feel old, the expression of substrates and strange edges that shouldn’t be seen are now on display. The light has a grey shadiness. As a designer I can't help but consider our own work when it becomes empty too. But more than just empty, obsolete.

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