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Will & Co



Bondi, Australia








150 sqm

Will & Co in Sydney’s Bondi Beach is an experimental hybrid space, blending workplace, commercial and educational elements in a revamped beachside building.

Conceived as a company HQ, showroom, training venue, cafe, roastery and branding endeavour, it epitomises youthful entrepreneurship and street art aesthetics.

Born from a vision to merge a versatile commercial space with an environment for education and community engagement, the design overcame challenges posed by its location resulting in cleverly separated spaces for diverse functions. Drawing inspiration from artists like Donald Judd and Rachel Whiteread, the coastal palette remains simple yet layered.

Innovative materials, such as Marblo resin and dichroic film, punctuate the space, fostering adaptability across diverse functions and reinforcing Will & Co's boutique personality.

"The Alexander &CO. team were able to create a truly unique HQ which is reflective of the brand’s coastal positioning and also our desire for a multi-purpose, concept space which defies any existing design genre."
Josh Passaro, Will&Co

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