Darling Point Kitchen Interior Design.
Darling Point Kitchen Counter with Brass Rail.
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Darling Point House



Sydney, Australia








230 sqm

Darling Point Kitchen Interior Design.

Nestled close to Sydney Harbour in a heritage conservation zone, this Victorian cottage alteration and addition required a respect for the local suburb’s vernacular while introducing a modern, measured complexity to its limited footprint.

The condensed floor plan needed to suit the different needs of the family of five; both the noisy, public and the intimate, private. Similarly the residence strikes a balance in being reverentially nostalgic yet also contains youthful exploration. Historical references of a limestone-paved kitchen, grand stairwell and winter-garden inspired bathroom pay homage to traditional noble homes, now with a contemporary application.

Its storytelling lies in the deliberately hand-detailed finishes and surfaces. The textured, hand constructed and robust spirit of the home is supported by materials like brass, designed to patina over time.

  • Darling Point Kitchen Counter with Brass Rail.
"We have admired A&CO's true respect for materiality and craftsmanship; an ethos that rings true in their warm and welcoming Darling Point Project"
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Design Team

  • Anna Trefely Principal Architect
  • Jeremy Bull Principal Architect
  • Samantha Birtles Interior Design
  • Sophie Harris Interior Design
  • Mengxi Deng Interior Design
  • Charlene Cong Interior Design
  • Mel Mckoy Interior Design

Build Team

  • Fairweather Constructions Construction

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