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Alexander &CO. has been conceived as a design agency with a charter to provide the highest quality of conceptual and strategic thinking coupled with a robust breadth of execution infrastructure.

Core to this philosophy is an ability to move with versatility through architecture, interiors, styling, visualisation, project management and branding within an ethos of an incomparable client journey. This is central to our success.

Collaboration is the key to our success. No client journey or brief is the same and our ambition is to ensure that both the outcome and experience is specific. We conceive each project passionately and believe in what we do.

We do not utilise an office ‘style’, but lead our clients through a robust, transparent and rigorous process.

Our team is cultured to remove redundancy from the challenging design and approval landscape and focus upon the ‘why’. Ultimately, our ‘why’ is to foster a market leading agency for design and culture creation, where the product of our practice is both spatial, community and philanthropic.

We continue to provide cost competitive and award winning projects with a focus on active communication, highly engaged client liaison and robust skill sets.

Our projects are completed with excellence.

Our team and community are our very first focus. Our successes as a culture will be measured by how well we have succeeded for each individual. Maintaining close communication, empathy and support whilst building targeted goal setting and training for team members is vital to our commercial and cultural success.

Our studio is a passionate and experienced team of architects, interior designers, marketers and support staff. Our people are driven, innovative and community focused.

Our vision, our core and our why is to challenge beliefs of the built environment in every facet of our work, creating spaces for people who passionately believe in the value of our design landscape. We believe that exceptional design directly changes the world around us, creating greater connectivity, experience and sustainability.

Our world will be one in which every project creates a unique value for its user, where the outcomes of our work are a greater, richer environment and a fulfilled and more connected community.