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Manure Room, Ayrburn



Queenstown, New Zealand





Ayrburn is a multi-outlet hospitality precinct distributed across 30 acres of historic land in Queenstown’s Arrowtown. It is the retelling of the site's story through our lens, pieced together through the artefacts and pieces of literature sourced through our design journey. 

The old cow and pig stall, the eponymously named The Manure Room was the old farm’s locale for an end of day drink. It has been reinstated as the more glamorous cocktail lounge of Ayrburn. Lines of the local wine flank the burgundy marble ‘leaner bar’ and a red leather curtain backdrops the illuminated cloud light. It is beautiful and lustrous, hidden behind the sagging eave of the old steel roof and timber framed ‘shed’.

Design Team

  • Jeremy Bull Principal Architect
  • Alice Nogues Interior Design
  • Jessie Wei Interior Design
  • Chris Taylor Interior Design

Build Team

  • Winton Developer
  • S.A. Studio Architect
  • Cook Brothers Construction Construction

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